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Survival game between death and life is Zombs.io.

Lots of zombies are wandering around when the game started. You have to move around and find resources available on the screen. Gather a large number of wood and stones and locate a suitable location to build your base in order to protect yourself from attacks. Use 5 stones and 5 wood to construct Gold Mine to produce your own gold. It also upgrades your building.

Besides this, construct towers and walls to avoid the zombie’s attacks. There are some towers with the power of arrow, cannon, bomb, melee, and mage. Load yourself with these to attack zombies and kill them. Place them at suitable positions.

Each wave of zombies will become more difficult each time.

  • Use bolt keys to move.
  • Mouse to collect items, attack, and build.
  • Spacebar for auto-attack.
  • B and P to buy items.
  • T to sell.
  • F to heal.
  • You can sale your gold stash.
  • Build your base near to the resources in Zombs.io.