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New cool multiplayer IO game with incredible fun (Zlap io). You swing and knock other players with your swinging skill. Eliminate other players to win.

You have an incredible opportunity to control a little yet adorable animal with a swinging mace on his correct hand. The swinging mace is the principal weapon for bringing down the majority of the players in the field. You simply move the mouse shrewdly to manage the mace.

You have to watch a little guide at the base and figure out where your competitors are because the field is very enormous.

Furthermore, tap on bolt keys to enable the animal to keep running towards there for slaughtering the competitors by utilizing the mace in Zlap io.

The animal’s mace will increase and bigger after every achievement. The greater the mace is, the more harmful it is. Don’t figure that you are the best with the biggest weapon in light of the fact that even somebody with the littler one can overcome you easily. That is the reason you have to watch out the arena to avoid the foes’ assault and secure the animal in the longest time.

  • Always keep circular movement in mind to win.
  • In one on one combat, utilize back and forth motion.