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An amazing shooting game with water guns. You can play with your friends around the world. Character and skin’s colors options are also available in Waterguns.io. A small map is also present for your assistance to locate your enemies. Guard yourself with shield form other’s water attack.

Your competitors are also from your surrounding because this game detects your location. The game begins after selecting your game’s name and character’s color.

The principle of gameplay is very basic. You simply need to move around the arena by bolt keys and shoot others by your water firearm by clicking your left mouse. There aren’t any catalyst/power-ups or recuperating pack and this is the main reason for waterguns.io’s difficulty. That means you must be extremely cautious.

Beneficial thing is that you can utilize a shield to keep yourself safe against your adversaries. Never forget about the shield, because any health loss cannot be reversible. Yet you should just utilize it in important circumstances since it costs power.

The map is given at the right bottom corner of the screen to help you in locating other foes.

At the upper right corner, there is a scoreboard for you to check your and others’ position. The reward is based on your kill points.

  • Keep an eye on map and scoreboard.
  • Shield use your energy.

Take advantage of other’s injuries to eliminate them in Waterguns.io.