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Keep in mind that only controller of this game is the left click of your mouse. So keep tight on this button while playing Wanderers.io.

After that have a look at your group (2 minions) and help them to move around by guiding. If you keep them near to the trees and other animals then these little followers will get killed. keep in mind to collect wood and meal as much as you can that they are very vital for your team’s survival.

Moreover, these meals and other items help you in getting more powerful.

If you’re newcomers in this game then you should keep a safe distance from other tribes instead of killing. Safety is only possible when you become stronger. Simply drag the totem towards wherever you need and after that, your flunkies will do the rest to kill.

You should locate a protected spot and assemble a campfire to heal wounds or guide minions to scan for mushrooms. Mushrooms are beneficial but not all. So, be careful while having mushrooms because some are poisonous.

  • Your tribe will become slower when you have more minions.
  • Keep an eye on the mini-map in Wanderers.io.