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Home » is a spaceship shooter with twisted features. This is totally strategy based game; not only a point and shoot game. The timing of lowering or raising your shields? Timing of your firing? You can learn these things so don’t lose heart in the start.

You’ll be furnished a round spaceship with 2 gun barrels discharging at the front in the start. It will go up against different players like you in a huge open space. Defeat as much as you can to make the higher position in the scoreboard. There are more small planets showing in map. You can get points by shooting them or you can simply explode them.

Your spaceship will fly constantly and your main responsibility is to control its direction, evade foe projectiles. Figure out how to battle back and devastate the adversaries.

You’ll have to focus on these 3 counters in

  • Ammunition: The most important factor to last this battle. Never make your fire counter 0. It will slow your fire rate. Aim and fire carefully. Don’t waste bullets.
  • Score: Crushing adversaries or devastating planets will give you score.
  • Shield: Protect you from damage by dodging bullets.

The game additionally has a couple of different highlights to help the player, for example, naming your spaceship, picking the server when signing in.