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Start with your basic tank and head into war battle. Players from around the world are your competitors in Tanksmith.io. Optimize your tank with 10 units and upgrade it with different 5 resources. Don’t forget to collect wood, gold, and diamonds.

You need to enter your name before starting the game. And then you can venture into the tank war. You will see numerous shapes that you can annihilate them to get the assets, for example, Wood, Gold, or Iron. You have to spare the Wood to overhaul your tank if you’re new in this battlefield.

  • Spike (need 6 wood)
  • Basic Turret (need 6 wood)
  • Sniper Turret (need 8 wood)
  • Twin Turret (need 8 wood)

You can go chasing some other online players when you become more grounded and stronger. To become the pro in this war, you have to kill other players as much as possible.

  • Use bolt keys to control direction.
  • Utilize the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Must protect your core at any risk in Tanksmith.io.