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Get yourself ready for amazing excitement and fun in this action game. Find a team to join and raid into battle. Don’t forget to be attentive because there are hundreds of bullets flying around the world in takepoint.io.

Your ultimate goal is to defend your point and get others points. You gain points in the result of defeating others. Never stop trying. Moreover, there are multiple competitors to defeat you.

There are two bars; one is for health and other is for armor. Your health and armor density will decrease in the result of each attack. So keep an eye on both of them especially on armor. Health bar can refill but armor bar won’t. The armor bar can absorb the damage from the attack.

You’ll get skill point after leveling up each level. Upgrade yourself with the help of these points. After level 10, you can unlock new weapons with more powers and efficiency. So much fun to explore is waiting for you in takepoint.io.

  • Keep your eyes and mind open to survive.