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Home » is one of the best IO games. Play with millions of players around the world. You can play this game Android, IOS, and web browsers. You start as a Worm and in order to win the game, you must have to become largest. Eat points to fulfill this need.

Moreover, various different skins’ color is available for more fun. However, the pellets aren’t very much easy to eat.

Chasing is difficult because when your worm gets near to eat, they kinda runaway. Players must have to boost their worms to get these pellets.

Moreover, avoid your worm’s head to make contact with other worm’s body. Your body will become pellets in the result of this. Resulted pellets are more powerful than ordinary pellets. By eating these, your growth rate will be high.

Try to become the longest snake. Snake based game. Online multiplayer Io game for free. The fun cool game against players from all over the world.

  • The best strategy to eliminate others is to circle them with your worm’s body.
  • Always choose smaller worms for attack because they are easy to tackle.
  • Always keep in mind to boost your speed because it will give you more chance to get others.
  • Avoid crowded area by taking help from the map of