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Shell Shockers is an interesting action with addictive gameplay and attractive features. Your enemies are from all around the world with killer shooting skills.

Are you ready to jump in this battlefield?

Your character is an egg in this game with a dangerous weapon to eliminate enemies. Your ultimate mission is to kill a maximum number of your opponents. Everything in this game is much similar to real-world because it provides you 3D features. But don’t get shocked by its feature because you need to kill and survive in this extreme war. No one will ever miss a chance to defeat you. So, don’t single second.

Three different types of eggs are available in this game such as solider, free ranger, and scrambler. Each character offers you a different type of abilities and power like accuracy, fire rate, damage, and range. Choose according to your choice and level.

Solider has eggK47 which offers excellent fire rate but not good accuracy rate. Damage and range are quite low through this gun.

Free Ranger has an assault rifle (CSG-1) with great accuracy, range, and damage rate. The most powerful egg in this game. Unfortunately, low fire rate.

  • Scrambler with excellent damage rate can kill any enemy in just one single shot.
  • Don’t show mercy in Shell Shockers.