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Outgun.io is a car racing in which your ride is loaded out with weapons to eliminate other players (racers). Get experiences the CHAOS of destructive vehicle combat. Defeat your opponents to level up and earn upgrade points to customize your car.

Your ride is a neon car in this action super racing game.  3D features of this game will never get you bore. Your ultimate mission is to defeat other players by destroying their car. Moreover, you’ll get skill points in the result of each defeat. Eliminate foes as much as you can. Use bolt keys to control your ride.

The fun point of this game is that it’s not only the racing game. You can enjoy some action with machine guns installed on your ride. Utilize these weapons to destroy other players’ vehicles.

Besides attacking others, keep an eye on your health bar to avoid ending. Don’t let your health bar to hit 0. After leveling up, you can upgrade your abilities with skill points.

  • Play Outgun.io in full-screen mode.