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You’ll get a chance to discover a mini water world in oceanar.io.

You start as a small fish but you can’t evolve into a bigger character. The only thing you need to do is to keep your survival chances high by having maximum food and organizing an army. Your enemy will become bigger and stronger as game procced.

Keep yourself safe from other opponents while developing your army. Attack from the safe distance because you can’t move when you’re attacking.

Your military will be dissipated and your animals are made accessible for the others when your little fish dies. Aside from crashing into different players, remember to battle against jellyfish to enable yourself to get a pufferfish, which works admirably of ensuring you.

  • You have to increase your army’s size by attacking other groups and jellyfishes.
  • Avoid others while eating items.
  • Grab fishes of others when they are attacking one another.
  • Never miss any item to eat in Oceanar.io.