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Do you want to become the richest guy in the town? If this is true then is especially for you. Jump into the head to head battle with other players from all around the world. Earn big bucks and don’t forget to manage your every day’s needs.

This interesting game is related to events based on reality. Your goal in is to maintain the life-health to become the richest and well-known man in town.

While saving money from others doing, always keep an eye on available meter bars and keep them high. Furthermore, search for a job to make some bucks. Just lead your character to work’s building to start work.

But there is something more important and interesting thing is that you need to keep your mood swings happy. However, a lot of working can make you exhausted. It is same as real life. If the mood is not happy then the health bar will go down which is not a good thing.

To balance his mood swings and related bars, you just need to fulfill all his need such as health, hunger, sleep, and much more. For example, if you feel hungry, you should visit the vending machine for food.

You need to rent a room for sleep.

Once you maintained all your bars, now it’s time to make some real fun. Earn as much as you can to become the wealthiest man.

  • Movement through-bolt keys.
  • ‘E’ to interact with the game.
  • Open the map with ‘M’.
  • Right-click to delete.
  • ‘Enter’ for a chat.
  • Don’t make your bars away from your sight.