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In, you’re controlling basic tank at the beginning. Moreover, you don’t have any other option to choose other than this. Start directing your tank towards underground areas to find gold blocks. The twist is here that you don’t need to collect these nuggets; you have to aim and shoot them.

These give you different points depending on their size. You can buy upgrades with the help of points. Upgrades include reload, health, damage, heal, recharge, and energy.

Once you have these, you can equip with just one click.

A green smoke will be added to your equipment after leveling up stage 5. Your tank will become disappear for 15 seconds by using this power. There should be a gap of 1 minute for the next usage.

Besides shooting gold blocks, you also consider killing other players. Don’t stop trying to get up on level 15. At this stage, you can unlock new classes like Behemoth and Artillery. Play an aggressive game in Behemoth class. Green smoke, plasma beam, emergency fallback, and the smart rocket will available in this mode.

You will get energy shield, green smoke, carpet bombing, and supreme cooling in Artillery mode. This mode’s tank is excellent for protection and attack.

  • Time of energy is 3 seconds in
  • You can move tank 200% more than normal level with emergency fallback.
  • Plasma beam will available after level 35.