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In, you start as a mouse. You need to eat and drink and evolve into stronger animals then you can attack other players. You need to take a diet from the berry bushes to win experience and drink from the water to stay hydrated. As you eat more you will move up the food chain and you will evolve into a more powerful animal every time you gain XP. The more powerful you become, the more players you can kill! is a fun multiplayer evolving game.

  • Press the left click to take a run or utilize water.
  • Press “W” or holds right-click to take dive into the water. Avail capabilities by using a mouse.
  • If you choose mice or rabbit then try not to get close to mud because pigs can get you.
  • Be close to those giant animals that don’t eat you.
  • Get a safe place to eat. Don’t roam. If enemies try to approach you then quickly find another safer place.
  • Fight for your life in this cruel world.