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About Us

Mermaid Catering Services L.L.C. (MCS) is a leading Abu Dhabi based Catering and Hospitality Service Provider with nationwide readiness operations. With a Combined Management Expertise and experience of over Seventy Five Years in running Industrial Contract Catering, MCS has developed tailor made packages of International excellence in the fields of Catering, Housekeeping, Laundry, and Front Office Services as suit to the needs of different users.
MCS progress path has all along been strewn by the simple philosophy of treating every one of its users with highest regard and respect. In all its transactions, it is guided by the ethical principle that MEANS ARE IMPORTANT AS ENDS and FAIR MEANS CAN but PRODUCE ONLY FAIR RESULTS. Good business practices and absolute honesty, integrity and transparency, in all its transactions have been the hall marks of this organization, which helped to develop the brand equity of MCS.


With Headquarters in Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE, MCS is managed by a team of young, dynamic and dedicated professionals & food technologists having vast experience in Hotel and Catering Management technology, process engineering, quality control and product development. With a policy of commitment and continuous dedication towards the project from raw material selection to menu engineering, service and delivering quality products, it has established its name for Professional Services with a global aptitude and long term service outlook.

Mermaid Catering Services L.L.C. (MCS), your Loyal Catering Services Provider in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Our main purpose is to provide value for money Catering services while making savings for our clients, from the design and implementation of new projects to improvements on takeover of established sites run by unsatisfactory competitors.

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