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Home » is another hybrid version of and but with cool features. Play with other players from around the world. Various modes are also available for more challenges and fun.

You have to maintain the mouse tight in control because it is the only controller of the slug. Move and get points. You can get six or five points in each circle. But don’t forget to eat as much as possible because it is your main task. Furthermore, have safe passage from others without getting injured.

Take a stab at tapping the left mouse to discharge sludge that can let different players stuck and pass on immediately. It is only possible when you reach on 30 points. The ooze is considered as either the most perilous thing to assault the rivals. It will take your 10 points.

Make sure to turn back and assemble their focuses after defeating your enemies. The larger and stronger enemy will give you more points. Be quick to gather them before others.

But always choose the best strategy of attack otherwise you’ll become only their meal.

If you’re thinking that it’s an easy game then come and challenges it. I am damn sure that incredible speed of it will knock you down.

  • Slithers to eliminate others.
  • Don’t chase because you have less space for moving in