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A 3-D graphics shooting game similar to a fortnite clone. Customize your character according to your skills and style and dive into the arena to defeat others in Be attentive because no ones miss the chance to eliminate you.

Each firearm fight is 4 minutes long. Individual’s point of view matters in this game. Attempt to execute your adversaries to get the score. The player with highest eliminating score will win at last. Moreover, you can pick your preferred class at the beginning.

You can choose the Trigger man, Detective, Marksman, or Rocketeer in

Note that each class has various weapons. Your weapon is the Rocket Launcher if you select the Rocketeer. On the off chance that you select the Detective, your weapon is the Revolve. There are no health units and weapons in this game. So you need to pick a decent position, point precisely at your foe and slaughter him as quick as possible. Have luck and a ton of fun!

  • Switch to a secondary weapon if primary is off.
  • Keep distance from water because it will kill you.