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You’ll love if you’re adventurous. It offers you excellent gameplay with incredible features and challenges. You’ll see multiple competitors from all around the world. Don’t show mercy to them.

The raft is here for you to join with other players with your boat to move towards 3D ocean field. Your main mission is to eliminate other players by destroying their ships. Use cannon to shoot them down before they attack you.

Be careful with directing your ship and aiming because no one will miss a chance to defeat you. Don’t move quickly. Get yourself an efficient strategy to wipe out your enemies.

The turning point of this game is that you can get some crew for your ship in order to make improvement in your skills of shooting. You play as a team with your crew. As captain, you need to collect some power-ups. The crew can also get separate from you after making their position good.

  • Destroy rafts to get money.
  • Get cargo of others in