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You will discover a new interesting battle filed with 3D features by playing Hordes.io. It offers you addictive gameplay.

You have to choose one character according to your choice. There are 4 options for a character such as Archer, Warrior, Mage, and Shaman. Each character offers you unique skills and abilities.

Warrior offers you excellent heath and attacking power and it is the most favorite character among newcomers. The Mage provides you great variety for assaults to cover large areas. The Shaman offers you healing power for your teammates. Archer can eliminate enemies at a distance.

Hordes.io offers you the following features:

  • Bars for health and mana.
  • An inventory store.
  • Chatbox.
  • Character sheet to describe players.

Your ultimate mission is to help your team to survive for last. You can also play as a solo player in this cruel world. Try not to go to places which are full of enemies. Observe your surroundings through WASD.

  • Money is required to activate some skills.
  • At the start, kill monsters, not players.

Keep looking for boots.