Heritage Touch

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About Us

Heritage Touch was established in 1998, one of the largest dealer and distributor of all kinds of arts & crafts in the region.

Heritage Touch have established a production line of all the handicrafts for shawls and embroidered items to drapery finishing and genuine small pieces of antique items.

Heritage Touch has various outlets in the UAE, mainly Duabi (Glod Souk, Springs Community Centre (EMAAR), behind Gold & Diamond Park; Abu Dhabi (Spinneys, Marina Mall, Carrefour) and Sharjah, besides we have our various distribution centers and outlets in India.


Heritage Touch have sucessfully opened an outlet last year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Baitul Abraj, Mecca) and south Africa (Oriental Plaza, Midrand), which was a huge success in the process of expanding more. In the last seven years, our company has earned good name and reputation in this industry, as we have competed with the best quality products and services amongst teh leaders in the industry.

Heritage Touch is about blending of style, about fusion and sorting away from the conventional means and filling a home with dreams, history, elegance, romance and passion...

Sharjah: Tel. +971 6 574 8797

Abu Dhabi:
Spinneys : Tel. +971 2 681 1977
Marina Mall : Tel. +971 2 681 1977
Carrefour : Tel. +971 2 449 4939
Warehouse : Tel. +971 2 673 2749

Call: +971 50 7819172 or +971 50 9795284

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