Harley Street Medical Centre - HSMC

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  • PO Box 41475, Villa A 20 - 22 Marina Village, Abu Dhabi
  • +971 2 6133999
  • +971 2 6133888
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About Us

Harley Street Medical Centre (HSMC) LLC is a Medical Company which has been established in compliance with the laws of the Abu Dhabi governing bodies. It is one of the many Companies owned by the Al Husam Group which has been in existence in Abu Dhabi since 1977.

Harley Street Medical Centre is situated in the Marina Business Park, next to Marina Mall. The Centre has successfully acquired three prestigious villas which have been converted and remodeled into a Daycare Surgery Medical Facility offering clinical services in Urology, Plastic Surgery, Gynaecology, Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, Internal Medicine and General Surgery in accordance with the requirements and approval of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD).


Harley Street Medical Centre provides a healthcare facility which is brand new and unique to Abu Dhabi, with a name already recognised as a powerful, world-wide provider of the best medical care.


Harley Street Medical Centre strives to provide the best possible medical care and attention for its patients. It will do this by offering a range of appropriate specialities with first class doctors in a state of the art clinical environment. The patient will be constantly supported throughout their treatment which will alleviate any fears or concerns.


Harley Street Medical Centre will continue to develop and progress its services and excellence in the field of medical providers. This will enable the Centre to further enhance its future capability to provide all patients with the best possible medical care. The aim is to enhance the Patients’ wellbeing and provide them with confidence and the expectation that the quality of care the Centre provides will be first class.

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