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Gameofbombs is not an io.domain game but same as an online multiplayer browser-based game with players from all over the world. It is same as Bomberman or bombit game. Try to put bombs and kill other players while running away from other bombs in Gameofbombs.

You are one who can place bombs that have a blast scope of 2 obstructs in every one of the 4 headings in this game. Before putting another bomb, you have to wait for exploding first one. You’ll be going up against different players in a map contained stone squares and block squares. The bombs can just crush the block squares and not the stone squares.

Each match is 16 minutes in length. Gain points as much as you can. There are different rewards.

  • You can’t plant multiple bombs at the same time.
  • The maximum range of explosion is 6 blocks.
  • Maximum speed access is 4s.
  • You can throw away bomb over from obstacles with help of bat. Or simply you can kick bomb to throw.
  • Fly with the help of jetpack only for 1 time.
  • Protect yourself from damage with the shield. Or bounce bomb with help of jelly.