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To rule this game’s world, you’ll need to eat things with green borders and avoid red ones. Keep in your mind to drink water. Try to defeat others and eat food in You can hide in the cloud and bushes.

Your character is a fly in this incredible game and your ultimate goal is to eat dead fishes and shit. You’ll unlock new animal character after leveling up each stage. There are many other competitors from all around the globe to defeat you.

You start as fly at the beginning and there is specific food for each animal.  After getting done with power, you can evolve into a new animal character.

You can take cover from others in hideouts. Other animals (various players) can make you their meal. Moreover, you need to be careful with your water bar. If your water’s bar hits 0, you will die. You can swim in the water in order to fill your water bar.

  • Sound on and off options are available.
  • Play in full-screen mode.