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Evolve in and kill other players. You start as a caveman in each match. You can evolve your character and change the skin and the weapon as you up in levels. The bigger you are, the slower you are! You can easily hunt smaller opponents but they are faster than you. Get power and bonuses to increase abilities in Evowars.io.

In the start of this game, you’re just cavemen and you only have stick to kill and eliminate other players. You will get EXP after each kill. And you will have a new character after getting full power.

You will be a mountain man on level1. After leveling up, you will advance into Viking, Spartan, Allien, or Demon. Your weapons’ powers and abilities will improve after evolving into a new character.

You will see dots on the map that is your food. To improve power, get maximum food.

Note: You can utilize speed lift to beat perilous circumstances. Attempt to murder the same number of adversaries as you can. Have a fabulous time in Evowars.io!

  • Speed boost utilizes EXP.