Eterna Plastic Manufacturing Company LLC

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About Us

The GEEBEE GROUP OF COMPANIES, one of the most well reputed industrial business houses in the gulf region and beyond, took its roots from the family business that started in Karachi (1892) – 113 years back.

GEEBEE’s flagship Company was established in Dubai in the year 1950. Today, after establishing a strong and prominent position in the textile business, GEEBEE Group has grown with diversified interests. The group is active in Manufacture, Exports and imports, Trading and distribution. It has expanded its market segment to Europe, USA, GCC and South East Asian Countries. Today the company is a pillar of strength to the UAE economy and also contributes greatly in securing large exports to all over the world.


Our business activities are:

> Plastics Product Manufacturing
> Metal Can Manufacturing
> Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Merchant Wholesalers
> Sacks - Woven Manufacturers
> Bags and Cardboard Boxes Trading
> House Ware and Utensils Trading
> Plastics and Plastic Products Manufacturers and Suppliers
> Plastic Bottles

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