EROS Group

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  • Junction of 108/1 Al Khabeesi Road, Near to Al Bakhit Centre, PO Box 1184 Deira, Dubai
  • +971 4 2650026
  • +971 4 2660745
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About Us

Eros Group was founded on cliché: Customer comes First. However, rather than just being a cliché at Eros Group we made it our ethos, the cornerstone of all that we did… and still do.

It is this very cliché, which many corporates give only lip service that has helped Eros Group expand to become one of UAE’s leading distributors in consumer electronics, mobility and IT products. Each day 1300 employees, 30 retail showrooms and over 100 logistic vehicles provide a seamless chain of events which realizes in the delivery of a consumer electronic product to a customer’s home. Be it a large sized refrigerator or the small smartphone the end result we promise to deliver is Customer Delight.

Today as we proudly stand on the threshold of new expansion ventures, I am sure EROS GROUP will continue to keep the customer at the top of the service pyramid.



To achieve the No.1 position in marketing, distribution and retailing of consumer electronics, home appliances, telecom, IT and engineering goods and services by the year 2015.


To achieve and sustain competitive advantage in distribution and retailing by: Industry leading customer satisfaction, while constantly building loyalty and trust.
Superior financial performance, while maintaining integrity and business ethics.
Adding value to all stakeholders, while ensuring effective teamwork and mutual benefits.

Corporate Culture

- Quality service to trade partners & the customer
- Corporate Integrity & Loyalty
- Trust & Cooperation
- WIN-WIN for all stakeholders

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