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About Us

The roots of the Delta education system can be traced back to 1989 when Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Anita D’cruz received authorization from the Ministry of Social Affairs and co-founded Delta Nursery in the emirate of Sharjah. During the latter part of 1989, the nursery expanded its curriculum to include the kindergarten level - the Pre-K program. This turned out to be a very effective and successful initiative. Based on the repeated requests from our patrons and responding to the need, the Delta education system expanded its role in education.
The vision of its co-founders was fulfilled in 1992, when the Ministry of Education, UAE, granted permission to establish Delta English School (DES) which offers the C.B.S.E. curriculum and caters to grade levels from kindergarten to Grade IV. The school when launched was in Ghafiya area, close to the Al Shaab Sports club. Even though DES was authorized to admit students up to Grade IV for that year, the grade level expansion was purposefully curtailed to lower grades for at least a couple of years. This was done in order to create a sound foundation for the students and to go to the higher grades with its own student population who were trained adequately. Students who gained admission to DES included individuals from North Africa, Sri-Lanka, Philippines, India, and the AGCC countries. It was these spectrums of student population that distinguished DES and built the foundation for student diversity that continues even to this day enabling DES to provide an international educational experience. In 1996, DES shifted its premise to a bigger facility in the Maysaloon area, opposite to the Sharjah Municipal Health Clinic. This facility was segregated into three blocks- Administration, Kindergarten and Grade I to VI respectively.
Although the new premise sustained the growth in admissions, the limitations in facilities to accommodate the continuous stream of students caused the Delta education system to venture out in search of a custom made facility. This dream became a reality in September 2009, when a custom-designed building was created in the Muweilih area of Sharjah. This new state-of-the art building features world-class facilities ranging from libraries, to a student activity center which matches our tagline “Our Differentiation Mould Innovators” which define the core mission of DES.


Delta English School has been guided from the start with a vision to provide differentiation to its educational endeavor. As one of the earliest C.B.S.E. schools in the country, we have a rich tradition of excellence and a history of producing students who truly make a difference to the society. The spirit and loyalty of Titans to their school are legendary - and with ample good reasons. We honor the past for the foundation it provides to help create the future. With one of the strongest and most competitive academic programs in the country, DES can help prepare your child to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
We purposefully strive to provide a learning environment in which students and faculty are intellectually engaged inside and outside the classroom and across all academic disciplines. The two major powerhouses of the Delta education system - SSP and Delta IQ have propelled DES to advance beyond traditional classroom instruction and develop cutting-edge learning tools such as Problem-Based Learning (PBL) sessions, Student Research, intra-group discussion, Delta Academic Testing (DAT) as well as world class facilities namely, the Ernest Hemingway Library and the DES Media Hub. These innovations are testimony to our motto -‘our differentiation truly will mould innovators’.
On behalf of the DES administration, I extend my best wishes as you prepare for your child’s admission process and invite you to join us in their exciting journey to a great education.

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