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Begin with Fish, Blobfish, Worm, or Piranha and afterward move around to search for a meal. Remember your main mission is to maximize your very own XP bar (at the base of the screen). Your character will evolve into a new animal when your power is full.

For example, it will transform into a Crab with new capacities, if you’re playing as a fish. With an aggregate of 10 Tiers, you have to defeat each to achieve the most powerful evolvement.

Moreover, be careful with an oxygen meter since certain creatures can’t inhale submerged like seagulls; however, they can be in the air over the water.

As the game creates, you may get various sorts that can develop, heal the creatures and even assistance they remain warm and take in the sea. However, it would be ideal if you keep away from other large creatures as they can defeat you immediately if you’re playing as a fish.

Don’t forget to utilize your hide and seek abilities to escape or accessible landscapes to disguise, if you’re being chased.

  • War area is perfect for hiding and surprise attacking.
  • Whales don’t hurt small fish.
  • Don’t swim next to any other animal at the start.
  • You can use your stored power to retain life after defeating in