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About Us

Debaj group founded by Emirati Nationals,started its journey in 1978 with the opening of its first outlet known as Al Kahf General Trading on Al Musalla Road in Deira.

Since then it has come a long way as today Debaj has a reputation for offering innovative, high quality home furnishings for over 33 years. Debaj increased its market share and further expanded its target market by starting imports of Interior decor items ,accessories and a wide range of fabrics. Today Debaj Group is one of the few leading companies in the UAE for custom made interiors including furniture’s, curtains, wall coverings , flooring and other related items such as fabrics, upholstery, PVC, Parquet, Curtain rails Carpets, Tiebacks Trimmings, Wall Papers and other accessories that are being added to the growing list of items.


In the Mid 90’s Debaj Group was able to expand to 3 branches in Naif Road and due to its rigorous customer’s focus and its long term business strategies Debaj has now a total 12 branches both in Dubai and Sharjah. It also supplies raw materials to more than 400 retailers and distributors in the Middle East.

With full time staff comes the benefit of higher commitment levels, allowing us to work closely to deliver and satisfy our clients. We know that continued growth will follow if we deliver the best products and services. Now equipped with all the requirements needed to move further ahead Debaj Group is preparing for what the next decade will have in store.

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