Cut The Rope Experiments

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Cut the rope to feed your cute little green monster with candy which is hanging along the rope. Fun game with new challenging levels. Difficulty level becomes harder when you’re becoming pro in Cut The Rope Experiments.

To cut the rope in this game, you use your mouse and just slide. Your ultimate goal is to feed the Om Nom (a charming beast) to finish the level. This game has many levels, each level is a test for you.

There are 3 stars (showing in the map) to get for each level. Attempt to gather every one of the stars before you complete the level. You will get points after leveling up. Attempt to get the maximum points.

The game gets more difficult in light of the presence of new items when you’re at a high level. Have luck and have a great time!

  • 10 different languages in this Cut The Rope Experiments.
  • Play in full-screen mode.