Curve Fever

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Jump into curve fever to enjoy this interesting game with incredible features and gameplay. Original has three modes but this game offers you only 2 modes, one is custom game and second is quick play.

In the quick play, 6 players are your opponents. You can create your own game space or room in a custom game. But credit is required in order to make some changes in setting.

The main goal is to last stand in this challenging game.

You control a snake in this game. You can turn right and left with the help of guide without making any contact with your body, borders, and other players. Just play with all your attentions because your snake moves continuously.

Moreover, you have to look around for some power-ups and food. Different colors are available for each power.

Green will affect only the player who catches it. Blue affects everyone in the field. The red one will affect all expect you.

  • Pay attention to your snake’s movement.
  • Don’t go to the center of the map in curve fever.