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Home » is all about moving the car and eliminating other players for the sake of points. These points will help you in making a top position on the leaderboard.

You start with a car which has a weapon (flair) to eliminate other players. Use flair to hit other’s cars to defeat them. You have to develop a strategy for doing this. You can move quickly toward enemies’ cars and then detach flair to destroy. I know this game will never fail you to entertain you.

Besides this killing and action, you also need to do some for your food in order to become stronger. You can improve your weapon’s power by having different power-ups. Avoid red dots because they will decrease your power. Move towards green spots in order to retain your stolen energy.

Follow big cars but don’t attack them. Wait for other players to kill them and then you can absorb its energy. It will give you incredible power.

  • Play with your entire mind.
  • Choose small cars to defeat.

Keep in mind to have energy.