Blue Diamond General Maintenance LLC

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About Us

Blue Diamond General Maintenance was established as a provider and it’s having 12 years of excellent experience of the following works.

•General Maintenance Works
•Manpower Sub-Contract Works
•General Pest Control Services
•Fumigation Services
•Anti – Terminate Control
•Building Cleaning Works
•Electrical Fitting Contracting
•Fresh Water Tank Cleaning


Blue Diamond General Maintenance LLC a leading name in the field of Maintenance, Cleaning, Security, Pest Control, Termite Control and Manpower Sub-contract works. Our quality bound approach has glorified our Company’s profile to higher altitudes.

Mr. Muhammad Bhaskara Reddy is the chief Executive Officer of the Company and our Company was set up in 30.04.2001 to cater to fast expanding and discerning market.
We have started our journey with 25 employees of Manpower Sub-contract workers and now we have a work force of over 1000 people which is including our sister concern from various countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh.

The company’s objectives and goals are to provide the clients with good services in a thoroughly professional manner at reasonable prices, a personalized service to meet satisfaction of the customer which they deserve. We are always looking forward to new challenges, innovations and expansions of our service to please our customers. Ultimately, the value the needs of the Clients, their business relationship and last but not least their reputation.

Abu Dhabi Office:
PO Box 109332, Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel No: 02-5512230
Fax No: 02-5512240
Hotline No: 050-7357468

Sharjah Office:
PO Box 63607, Sharjah, UAE
Tel No: 06-5441647
Fax No: 06-5441648
Hotline No: 050-8514211

Ras Al Khaimah Office:
PO Box 17011 , Ras Al Khaima, UAE.
Tel : 07- 2260841 Fax : 07- 2260842
Email :
Hotline No : 0552320426.

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