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About Us

JOZ Group is a combination of well managed and controlled companies located at various regions and sectors such as Bahrain, Oman, U.A.E., Kenya, Qatar and Uganda. The group has built an image of success by working in a unique way to capture the attention of customers.

JOZ Group started it's journey with Mr. Md. Joz, in the name of 'Beauty Centre', in Bahrain in 1936. After the successful operation of Beauty Centre, his son Mr Jamil Joz, Chairman of the group, expanded the Group by establishing companies such as JOZ Trading Co. LLC, Dubai, UAE, Ahmed Al Kharusi Enterprises, Oman, Dubai Beauty Centre, Kenya and JOZ Properties, Dubai, UAE. These companies have increased the strength of the group by starting their operation at different occasions.

In the last four decades, the management of JOZ Group has managed to gain considerable popularity in the market by virtue of the availability of variety of salon equipments and furniture items, imported skin and hair care products, their affordable prices and overall staff warm and friendly attitude. By keeping in view of such available strengths, the management has decided to extend its product line and expertise in the field by obtaining the distribution rights of some world recognised equipment manufacturing companies.

Vision / Mission of the Group:

To provide our customers with the high quality and cost effective products and services on time by complying with customer requirements, national/international codes and standards.

Director's Profile:
The group is managed by the following directors:

1) Mr. Muhammed Jamil Joz, Chairman of the group; he has vast experience of this field and has played a key role to establish the business successfully in the Gulf region.

2) Mr. Muhammed Nabeel Joz, CEO of the group; he is a foreign qualified professional in the field of business administration. He has been with the business since its inception and has successfully run the operations of the group for the last four decades.

3) Mr. Muhammed Nadeem Joz, Managing Director of the group; he is a business administration graduate and is responsible for managing day-to-day operations of the group.

Future Prospects:
The management is forward looking and enjoys a good market share among the UAE beauty salon equipments traders. The group holds 55% share of the market wants to increase this by obtaining the dealership of few big world market players. furthermore, keeping in view the the increasing demand of medical equipments and the available strengths of the group, the group intends to invest in this sector specially in mesotherapy products, fillers, peelings, medical cosmetics, etc., and to achieve this, the group is going to open outlets at different locations in the Gulf region, especiially in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Provides Beauty Products & Equipments.

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