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There are two teams to choose in; one is red and other is blue. This game offers you a combination of epic wars with addictive gameplay and interesting features.

Two modes are available such as deathmatch and HQ destruction. In deathmatch, your mission is to destroy others’ ships as much as possible. To win this challenge, you’ll get a limited time.

You need to destroy enemies’ headquarter in HQ destruction.

Besides defeating others, you also have to get crates in order to upgrade your ship. 4 crates are present in the arena with different powerups. Upgrading of the ship will make you more powerful. Keep an eye on the number of ammunition because they are limited. Try to collect them to make your chamber full in

  • Use of special power will take 5 ammunition.
  • Try to gather 100hp for ship’s upgrade.
  • You can retain your ship after destroy but it will lose your 5 levels.