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Home » Arraw io is another cool shooting .io game in which you hold bow and arrow to battle against different players. You will get a chance to get amazed by new features.

Before jumping into this epic game, you should have to know about the basics of this game. It will help you in gaining a top position on the leaderboard.

  • You don’t find any hard trouble in maintaining your archer if you’re familiar to io world.
  • Next, you have to watch surroundings to defeat monster enemies such as AI Monsters and real players.
  • You just have to carry your weapon and shoot your enemies to defeat them.
  • Killing other players is much difficult then monsters because players can move and dodge.
  • A limited number of arrows are available to you. So, be careful in the shooting.
  • Never forget to use special arrows such as lightening, multiple, freezing, and poison arrows.
  • Take one shot to kill instead of multiple shootings in Arraw io.
  • Hide in bushes for a surprise attack.
  • Be careful with the health of your archer.