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Game rating: 3.00 based on 2 votes.

Home » is a dive to an ocean world to experience incredible gameplay. You need to control your character through swimming riddles and turning water sliders. Your main mission is to survive all these obstacles and defeat other players to climb up on the top of the leader board.

Though, you have to crash yourself into them in order to make them out from the race. Keep in mind you can also drop yourself out from the sliders as a result of crashing.

The interesting turn of this game is that you can jump to a lower level of your slide in order to increase your chance of winning. It is going to be a very hard move so you need to be very careful with attempting this.

  • ‘A’ for the left move.
  • ‘D’ for the right move.
  • ‘Spacebar’ for more speed.
  • Left-click to start water slide.
  • Don’t move so fast because you can slip in