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An action game with shooting on all enemies. Get yourself power-ups with gold to load up with new and killer weapons. 12 different weapons, 10 various characters, and many other features for improvements. Kill others to stay alive in

Your first play is a tutorial at the beginning. Eliminating 5 Bugs is your first goal. Shoot the bugs and move carefully. Kill them as quickly as possible because they can also attack and eliminate you. Earn gold coins as much as possible by killing bugs. After earning coins, you can upgrade yourself. With all these updates, you can open arbitrary catalysts, overhauls, or new weapons.

The interesting turning point of the is that you need to find any safe house to hide your earned gold. Otherwise, your earned goal will be gone.

The intriguing in this game is that you can defeat different players at that point take their weapon for utilizing.

Incredible power-ups are filled in this game. For example, fire rate up, accelerate, heath… Give this game an attempt and have a ton of fun!

  • Keep an eye on power and ammo bars.
  • Your character changes after each level.
  • 12 various weapons and multiple characters.