Al Muqarram Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC

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  • PO Box 60235 Deira, Dubai
  • +971 4 2241423 / +971 50 5678034
  • +971 4 2441450
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  • Mariyam & Bilal


About Us


A-MAP is a 9 year old trading company specializing in the distribution of Aftermarket Automotive Spare Parts, Automotive Batteries, Tires, and Lubricants. Headquartered in the 'bustling trading hub' of Dubai - UAE, A-MAP operates a network of branch offices in China, South Africa and USA.

With world leading brand names like Solite, Asimco, RBI & Fenix, associated within the distribution range, A-MAP has been able to consolidate a client network over five continents successfully. We aspire to achieve the most consistent level of supply chain management system, hence resulting in ultimate client satisfaction.

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