About Us

DZOOOM.COM is the UAE’s largest online business directory. It was formulated on the onset of coming up with a DIRECTORY where people can find what they are looking for in an easier way – a one-stop finder! Apart from its primary goal of being a comprehensive, complete & informative Directory in town, it also aims to assist businesses to promote their companies at a lower cost compare to other advertising agencies, yet, accessible and convenient.

DZOOOM.COM, a Dubai-based company, started year 2011 and its office is based in TECOM, Dubai, UAE.

DZOOOM.COM’s name originates from the word THE ZOOM (i.e., zooming in, making someone or something clearer or nearer, searching/finding for something specific). True enough, it adheres to what this website promotes: providing someone of what particularly & specifically you are looking for with in the community.

DZOOOM.COM is managed and empowered by Vision Marketing LLC.

Since DZOOOM.COM started, day by day, the team is doing its best to come up with better website, if not the best one, with much dedication, collective effort and teamwork. But definitely, there is always a room for improvements, the basic reason why DZOOOM.COM is much open to suggestions and comments. Learning is an everyday process, anyways.

Thanks for your time to visit DZOOOM.COM!