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Multiplayer games are all the rage in the modern gaming world. Games like Fortnite and PubG have taken the online experience to a whole another level. With complex gaming mechanics and multiple skins and weapons, these games have a very high skill ceiling. On the other end of the side, casual gaming underwent an online revolution as well. This revolution came in the form of IO games. The IO games are multiplayer online games, but instead of being complicated, they make use of incredibly simple gameplay.

While other multiplayer games usually require a console and PC setup, IO games are playable everywhere. From offices to even schools, anywhere you are you can take part in the fun. Most IO games are available for free on mobile phones as well, where you can download from the respective app stores. Another reason for their immense popularity is this massive playability.

What is the meaning of IO in .IO games?

The .io web name is the domain assigned to British Indian Ocean Territory. “.io” is a top-level domain that’s responsible for British Indian Ocean Territory. Being a top-level domain means that these games get preferential searches and are stable as well.

What are IO games?

The games all started in 2005 with Agar.io. The game mainly takes inspiration from spore. Players go around the map collecting power-ups and small particles that make their cell bigger. More giant cells can also consume smaller ones easily by just moving over them. The game was incredibly simple, but it was a game-changer.

Soon enough massive YouTubers like Pewdiepie caught on and began playing. Once the game got YouTube approval, it went completely viral. Miniclip then caught on with the game, and it became even more accessible.

What makes IO games different from others?

Alongside Agar.io several other IO games came into existence. Now you can probably find an IO game fitting any game cliché you want. All the games have a lot of things in common. They have the same simplistic gameplay. Furthermore, each io game is an online experience. You’ll play against other players. To make the games even more playable, there are several customization options as well. These may include changing your weapon and the skin of the avatars as well.

The unlockable items are behind XP and in-game currency walls. The more you play, the more experience and in-game currency you’ll earn. As you gain experience, you’ll increase in levels as well. The incredibly simple gameplay in unison with deep customization creates a very addictive environment. Several IO games also receive newer updates, and new game features all the time.

New IO games incorporate several mechanics from the battle royale genre. Certain aspects such as a shrinking map and no respawning are new features. IO games tend to have developers with extreme dedication. They make improvements to the games regularly.

If you’re looking to get started in the world of IO gaming, have no fear at all. The games are easily accessible, and anyone can pick them up to start playing. Once you start playing, it is hard to stop; however, dive into the .io world and explore the endless possibilities of fun available.